$ docker start 'lovelife'

$ manpage

Finding a linux-loving cougar is easier than setting up a new multi-tier application on AWS with Fedora.


Our signup process is easy. Just fill out the form below, and someone will call you. You get to argue with a real human being for at least 3 hours about the inner workings of some obscure technology. When the person on the other end gives up and confirms that you are correct, you're in!

Go on a date.

We will match you with a 40+ divorcee looking for a good time (and a fully-redundant disaster recovery plan). The location of the date will be sent to you in an email encrypted with PGP. The decryption key will be given to you after winning another 3-hour argument about Vim vs. Emacs.

Impress her with your brain.

Congrats, you're on the date. It's time to do a pull request back to your house. Make sure your code is complex and your commit messages are clear, because this is one merge you want to be approved. Git it on.

$ testimonials

We know you don't trust anyone else's opinion, so this is kind of a waste, but check out what these people said!

Spar Gorlick

"I had a great time with my cougar. She loved my dissertation on 12-factor authentication, and even though she was a Mac user (n3wb lulz), she found out why I'm a docker-machine."

Larry Parker

"At first, I was skeptical. Then at second, I was skeptical. Then, thirdly, I had a better idea. Even though I never actually went on a date, I feel it's her problem...and feeling right is better than feeling love."

Len Redfield

"She commented on my neckbeard and told me that she was interested in the intricate details of DNS and TCP/IP. I knew it was a match when she asked for my Github account so she could follow and fork me."

$ signup

Just fill out the form below to be matched with your're closer than ever to orchestrating two hearts into one cluster.